So my wife, son & myself were traveling for Thanksgiving, as I’m sure many of you did as well.  We were on our way to visit my parents in Oklahoma on Friday evening and as we passed through Denton Cadon, my son, decided to fill his drawers with poop. We stopped to get gas, my wife opens the door to change his diaper and what does she find!? She finds Cadon with his diaper pulled open and poop smeared all himself, his chair & his clothes!  I mean, if we would have recorded it, we would be $10k richer on America’s Funniest Video…I was impressed by my son’s skills!  Not to mention the smell was overwhelming!

But seriously, don’t we sometimes live that same way? We fill our lives with junk & by living our own way we sometimes smear it all over ourselves and our surroundings…we even enjoy it at times. Maybe we laugh or joke about it to try and convince our conscience it isn’t that big o’ deal, we even try to convince other people that our poop doesn’t stink.

I suppose we have to come to grips with the way we choose to live. And the only way to change is to get cleaned up and get a fresh diaper. So think about your life and make sense from poopy pants.