I saw on the news that on “Black Friday”, the mad-crazy shopping day after Thanksgiving, that in New York there was a man at Wal-Mart who got trampled by the crowd of people rushing into the store, and died as a result.  He was an employee who was doing his job, simply opening the door, and the people were in such a rush to get…what?  microwaves?  tvs?  video games?  furniture?  stuff…stuff…stuff.

A guy freaking DIED because people were more concerned about getting their STUFF on sale, then watching out for the man who was opening the door for them to get their butts through the front door.

Let me ask you something, how many people do you run over each day in pursuit of what you want?

to reach your own goals?

to achieve your next promotion?

to do your own thing?

to prove your own point?   Shall I continue?…

What are our goals, promotions, stuff really worth…if we have to run over people, even killing them, in order to get what we want?