I’m sitting in a sweet little coffee shop on the north side of UNT campus in Denton called Art Six. New Age, soothing music is playing in the background. And, sorry Art Six, I’m drinking less than taste-bud friendly hot chocolate, but surrounded by people that I’m connecting with on a personal basis.

I feel more alive than ever! I feel more connected to my world than ever! I feel more linked with the mission of Christ than ever.

Why is it that Christians don’t spend more time with people?  Why is it that Christians don’t spend more time linking themselves with the mission of Christ?  I am more convinced than ever that it is because the majority of Christians don’t care about what Christ cares about.

I understand that not everybody can come to a coffee shop in their area in the middle of the day to meet people.  But what about the people that they work with? What about the family they’ll see over the holidays? What about the waiter/waitress that will serve them the next time they eat out? What about?…what about?…what about?…

The fact, is that the world is full of people, and our particular locations in this world that we see on a daily basis have people in them that need something.  They need hope – love – grace – peace – acceptance – help – connection – the list continues? People have their own stories, and what made Jesus so great is that he connected with those stories. Do you? Do i? Do Christians?

If we believe what we say we believe, that Jesus came to connect us with God – then, as priests in His kingdom, shouldn’t we be about the Father’s business doing the same thing?

Where are the people?  They’re right there – living, breathing, seeking, looking for answers – in front of you…