I remember as a kid my sister used to listen to Whitney Houston.  “Queen of the Night”, “I Will Always Love”, I knew them all.

Jaclyn & I were driving to the store listening to the Christmas station and who would come on but Whitney Houston.  We started talking about Houston’s career and thinking back to her “glory days”, her problems with cocaine, rehabs, career destruction, etc.

I brought up the idea that if Whitney Houston could go back and talk to herself 15 years ago and tell her younger self what her decisions would eventually lead to…what would happen?  I would bet that she would take drastic measures to make sure that her current situation wouldn’t happen.  She would probably make decisions that would keep her from going toward the place she currently finds herself. But the fact, is that she can’t.

And it’s easy to pick apart someone else’s life isn’t it?  But what about our own?  Think about the kind of decisions you’re making in your life – where are they leading you?  Where will you be 5, 10, or 15 years from now as a result of your current decisions?  We only have one life to live. We can’t go back and talk our younger selves into making wise choices. We can’t speak sense into the past, we only have now – today – the present.

And we can make wise decisions now. We can examine our choices now. We can change our life perspectives now.

The fact is that our daily decisions effect our life outcomes.  So where are you?