Isaiah 59:9 (take a look at it)

I was at a friends house who has a gigantic fishtank. Several salt-water fish were swimming around looking through the glass at the strange creatures eyeing them.  As I looked at the fish my mind couldn’t help think of how we are so much like those fish.

These fish can’t possibly understand the problems issues we face as human beings in a larger world. They can’t grasp our thought processes nor can they comprehend the complexities of our lives.  All they know is that they live in this certain “zone” of area, and that when it comes time to eat, food seems to magically appear from a giant hand from above.

Are we so different from these fish when it comes to our understanding of God?

We live in this “zone” we call earth.  We can’t understand God anymore than fish in a tank can understand us.  We can’t comprehend his thought processes, we can’t even begin to grasp His greatness or the concerns that plague His mind. I’m reminded what St Basil said to the early church:

It would be easier to measure the entire ocean in a little cup, than to grasp the greatness of God in the human mind.”

Think about this, we have to remember that this life is not all there is.  That there is more out there that we cannot possibly imagine.  God has plans and designs that are at work in the world at this very moment, even in your own life, that we cannot even hope to see, understand or know.  His handy-work is threaded throughout our world-society and culture.

Yet what is amazing and truly unique about the God I serve is this: He invites us to seek Him, and if we’ll seek Him, we’ll find Him. Even though He is completely beyond us, He is, at the same moment, near to us.  And I’m reminded at this time of year that He is Immanuel – God with us!  He became a “fish” like us and dwelt among us – His own creation.

So the next time you feel overwhelmed in life, remember that there is a God who is watching over you, providing for your needs, and working in your life to take care of you even when you can’t see it – just like my friend watches over & provides for the fish in his tank.

Merry Christmas