What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear the title, “The King of Darkness.”  Do you get a picture of a devil running around with a pitch-fork?  Maybe if you’re a fantasy fan such as myself, you might see a dark figure like Sauron from LOTR. Whatever comes to mind, I would wager that the image is a dark one that is evil personified.  Am I right?

When bad things begin to happen in our lives, when we face circumstances that seem to thrust us into the darkness and leave us in the void, we believe that some sort of “King of Darkness” is sabotaging our lives.  We feel as though God has deserted us and left us to our own devices.

When we think about God, we never associate Him with darkness right?  It’s always light, and white-marbled buildings that gleam in the sunshine right?  But if God is really GOD, then why do we only reserve His rule to the light?  Would His reign and power also stretch across the light and into the darkness we may find ourselves in at times?  Would He not also be considered…The King of Darkness?

So the next time you find yourself in a tough predicament,

a rough situation,

in a kind of darkness that seems outside God’s reach,

remember that He has not left you alone. Remember that He is with you now as He always has and always will be.  Remember that He knows where you are and what you need.  Remember that He can guide you just as easily in the dark, tough areas of life, as He can in the light.  Remember that He is…the King of Darkness.