Every Tuesday morning the leadership team of Journey Church gathers together for prayer.  We meet at our Lead Pastor’s house, and right out back you can see they are building a new house.

Now, I’m one of those people that usually likes to walk around or sit quietly when I prayer, and yesterday morning I was in the mood to walk around.  As I was meditating on what God is doing in us and through us, beginning a new community of believers, I started watching a team of guys building this house.  It interested me b/c we’ve watched this house being built from the ground up.

This house had it’s foundation poured and now they are putting up the studs and I-Beams that will support the second floor.  All the little, seemingly, insignificant steps in building this house are being looked over by a foreman who has in turn received the blueprints from the architect.  If you had never seen this building before, you wouldn’t know it was going to be a house until it started to take more shape.

In this house being built, I started to see Journey Church. The foundation has been laid, which is Christ and His call & direction for Journey, and we are slowly taking shape.  What we will eventually be, I don’t even think WE know that yet, but we know that the architect has the plan.  When we look back over the last 7 months that we’ve lived in Denton, I begin to see all the little things that seemed insignificant at the time, to be some of the most important things we’ve done!

What we have to remember is that a house isn’t built overnight, and neither is a community of believers.  And in reference to building the dreams that God has placed inside each person, too many people get impatient.  And in so doing, they give up when they lose sight on the completed work.  None of us may know what the completed work looks like, but we have to trust our Architect knows the plan and knows how to get us there.

Yet in our patience to see the work completed…we must not cease to work. We can’t become complacent and satisfied with the build so far…we have to keep going, we have to press forward, we have to add more/new team members who are specialists at their particular trade to help make the building as quality as it possibly can be. The person that does the concrete doesn’t also do the electrical work. The person that does the electrical doesn’t lay the carpet…

Wow – the comparisons go on and on. Think about the dream in YOUR life…have you given up building up? Are you passionately pursuing it? Are you patiently building and following the plan? Sometimes steps seem insignificant and a waste of time…but don’t fall into that trap.