2000 years ago people were confident that the Roman Empire would go on forever

1000 years ago people were confident that God wanted them to kill Muslims in the Crusades

500 year ago people believed that the earth was flat

100 years ago people still didn’t believe true flight was possible

50 years ago people thought it was impossible to go to the moon

We as a human race become confident in our confidence.  The things we choose to believe, whether about faith, purpose, technology, etc, is all that we can see. For the modern world, it seems ridiculous to think that the world is flat. It is horrifying to believe that God would want us to kill people of a different culture & religion and absolutely stupid for us to think that flight can’t be possible.

Yet what will future generations criticize US for believing and having confidence in?  Will they look back at some of the things we believe in so confidently that WE are the ones who appear ignorant? Will they look back and say, “How could people not believe that Mars would be Earth’s first colony?” Maybe you don’t have time to think about some of these things…

When we look back over church history, the Church has been confident in some jacked up things in the past (i.e. the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, etc). But what will future generations in the Church say about us?  What things are we so “confident” in, that future generations will say, “Wow, they made a big deal about THAT?”

What I’m simply saying is that we so often say, “This is the way it is” in regard to just about everything in the world…so, what are we saying that about in our belief systems? I worry about people who say, “This is the way it is, so just believe it! This is the way it is.” My youth pastor growing up taught me an incredibly important thing that I’ll never forget…”Question everything.” One of the things that annoy me the most are closed-minded people. Those people that you present an idea to and they simply dismiss it b/c it doesn’t fit with what they are “confident” is the “right way.” Why not question? Why not dig a little deeper? I’m not saying that everything we believe is wrong, but there are issues that people have such great confidence in that I think it deserves to be revisited: tithing, tongues, Church leadership, prayer…I could go on and on.

These are all just thoughts on paper, and my simple point is this:  we put such great confidence in things that sometimes turn out to be wrong. So sit down and start evaluating the things you are most confident in. Keep the things that are true for all time (sacrifice of Christ, etc). Identify things that are questionable, study them, show yourself approved, discover where your confidence can rest.

I think in the end, we just have to realize that we don’t know everything about everything in regard to God & faith…we say that we don’t…yet sometimes we act & live as though we do.