I was mowing the yard the other day and was thinking about my live and where I am at in my journey. I started thinking about all the energy that people I know and myself put into our labor for the Kingdom.  I thought of all the people that I know who have, in essence, burned out. Both in ministry and in life it would seem.

And a very simple reminder came to my mind. God cares more for us than He does about the fruit we produce.  Think about that. I’m not saying that fruit isn’t important b/c it is. But what does it accomplish to build the Kingdom of God and yet lose our own souls in the process. I sat down on a bench that’s in our back yard and just stopped for a moment. I was reminded of God’s incredible love for us. And yes, He has purpose for our lives and He wants us to accomplish it – but at what cost? I don’t believe He wants us to complete our tasks only to forfeit our souls.

So take a moment and think about that statement, “God cares more for US than He does about the fruit we produce.” Take it and apply that to your life.