Ya know every time I think about the crimes we commit against either our creator or each other, I realize that they are usually steeped in the sin of pride.

When you speak against others, gossip about them, cause problems for others, treat people disgracefully – you fill in the blank – all you’re doing is allowing your pride to get the best of you. “I can say what I want to say” – “I’ll do what I want to do” – “They treated me bad, so I’m gonna treat them bad.”

I find that the most humiliating command in scripture is when Jesus says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  This is a command that reduces our pride and whittles it away to nothing. To treat others as you want to be treated means that regardless of how OTHERS treat YOU, YOU must still treat THEM how YOU want to be treated. This command takes the YOU out of everything. It takes offense out of everything, it takes anger and frustration and retaliation and revenge out of every action we commit toward others. B/c to fulfill this law it requires us to lessen ourselves in order that we might do good to others.

I once heard someone say that if you get easily offended, it’s just another form of selfishness. I would amend that to be pride as well. When people get easily offended they usually talk about THEMSELVES a lot. I’ve been hurt & offended by people a lot in my life, but ya know what, I realized that it’s not about me. There are bigger issues that are going on in the world than what so-n-so said about me – and I find that people that are like this usually care more about material possessions and the things of this world than they do about the things of God, b/c their focus is on earthly things and not of things not of this world. THEY are the central focus of their lives – not God, and certainly not others (unless they are the target of their attacks in order to make up for a lack of self-confidence and self-image that they have).

We say the exact same things when we sin against our God. We think that we know more and know better than He does. Isn’t that the basis of the sin in the Garden? Eve was deceived into believing that God didn’t tell them the whole story, that they could have more and do more than what God allowed them – that they could choose their own way instead of what God had already layed out for them. Their story, is our story. We do the same things, not necessarily with forbidding fruit, but with our speech, our actions, and our ways.

So examine yourself. See if what I say is not truth. Pride is the downfall to sin, and it is the thorn in the side of the Church and will suck the life out of us unless we are willing to say with John the Baptist…”I must decrease, that He might increase.”