I’ve been spending a lot of time in my yard lately. The feeling of Spring is coming on fast and I’m trying to get a jump on having a nice backyard for my kids to play in. I have a large oak tree in the backyard. I seem to now have a love/hate relationship with it. In the summer, it’s huge enough to provide shade for the entire patio. It protects and preserves so wonderfully.

However, when the seasons change the mighty oak begins to lose it’s leafs. The leafs cling to it, to life, and yet without enough sunlight they eventually lose all strength and attachment and fall to the ground. This is where my frustration comes from. These leafs have filled my yard. And no amount of raking or mowing is getting rid of them easily.

As I’ve spent time thinking about this situation I’m in with these leafs, I reflect on the wisdom gained from observing nature. I suppose there are relationships, opportunities, purpose, conversations…the list goes on…that throughout life seem to pass from life to leafs. Relationships which had once been rich and vibrant, now clog up the gutters of our life. Opportunities that were never taken seem to cling for but a moment, and then fall to the ground only to find decay. Things in our lives that once provided a sense of purpose or provided protection for our soul or seemed to hold us strong…no longer serve a purpose other than to clog up our lives with deterioration.

In the case of my yard, given enough treatment, mowing and decomposition, the dead leafs will provide fertilization and life to my yard. But that’s not always true with our lives is it? Sometimes we have to get down right honest with ourselves. It takes work to clean up our lives. If we’re not careful we can allow words spoken to us, thoughts that penetrate our reason, doubts that plague our confidence and relationships that need to be turned loose to fill up the yards of our hearts and minds. When unattended and unchecked, these things can stunt the growth and maturity of our lives in which we can find true joy and contentment.

So evaluate your life. What things to do you need to clean up? What thoughts, opportunities, or relationships are clogging up your mind? I’m just throwing this idea out for contemplation…something to think about…life and leafs.