There are some patchy spots in my back yard I’m working on to grow  grass. I want to have a nice, lush yard for my kids to play in and, not to mention, my OCD nature can’t stand having some “dirt” patches while the rest of the yard is green. A few of these spots were very hard, and as a result I had to do some aerating. I purchased a “poker” rake, whatever you want to call it, which I can row back and forth and break up the ground. After planting, I have to continuously water and tend the area in order for the grass to grow. And the most important thing…I have to wait.

I’m reminded that growth takes place over time in our soul as much as in nature. I tend to get in a rush. Do you? I want to know everything that I will know at the end of my life, now! I want to have all the understanding about God, life, nature, relationships, etc, that I’ll have at the end of my life, now! Not that I will have all these things in incredible amounts far in the future, but if I’m the same person 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, from now that I am today…then something is certainly wrong with my growth as a follower of Jesus.

Patience is something I struggle with to a great extent. I even have difficulty reading books at times because I usually feel the author can sum up the important things they need to say in about one or two chapters. “Just hurry up and get to the bottom line!” I sometimes wish I could just touch a book and absolve all its knowledge so that I won’t waste time reading it and can move on to something else. Crazy isn’t it? I act this way in the develop of my soul (life, emotions, character, intellect, etc) on a continual basis without even realizing it. Until I plant grass seed and wait for it to germinate. Then all the thoughts of impatience in my life flood into the forefront of my mind.

I think God had/has great wisdom by making us wait for the “good” things of life. There is a reason why old men are considered “wise” while young men are considered “rash.” There’s a reason why the best wine takes time to ferment. There’s a reason why character is produced out of hardship and time and not simply by wishing for it overnight. If we always got, even the things that will be ultimately good in our life (character, wisdom, etc) all at once when we wanted it – wouldn’t that produce the opposite of what we asked for? It would, first, create an attitude of entitlement and selfishness. But secondly, unless we took the necessary steps to gain these characteristics in our lives, we really wouldn’t even know what we had, would we? And isn’t the “journey” the best part about getting to a destination? The road-trip is just as fun as the arrival. Perhaps God makes us wait because He wants life to be full of drama and excitement and anticipation of things to come. As long as we’re on the right track, the journey really is the destination!

But that journey isn’t always easy is it? We have to cultivate our souls and break up the hard areas of our life if we want to see growth. We have to make ourselves vulnerable; we have to make ourselves open. We have to be willing to till up the areas that don’t allow the seeds of wisdom, knowledge, discernment, confidence, faithfulness, self-control and the like, to take root. And yet, for all the work it takes, at the end of the gestation period, our labor has produced the very things we desired in the first place.

So enjoy studying. Enjoy reading. Enjoy learning. Enjoy praying. Enjoy seeking. Enjoy the process. Enjoy trials that produce character. Enjoy struggles that bring about strength. Enjoy the steps it takes to grow. Enjoy……waiting for the grass to grow.