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This is a poem my dad wrote on September 29th, 1998. Thought it should be posted for all to read:

Our days are numbered

Each one of us

To do what’s right and holy

Each one of us

For His honor and glory

For His blessings He’ll give

Each one of us

As a reward who truly seek Him.

As days fly by

Each one of us

Must keep one thing in mind

Without Jesus Christ in our hearts

Each one of us

Is surely going to die.

The decision is ours

The choices we make

For it’s us that decide on our path

Each one of us

Make straight Your ways

For we know not the day

Nor the hour

As a thief in the night

Each one of us

Must keep watch and ever so careful

Keep your eyes lifted up

Focused only on One

For His name is Jesus Almighty

to each one of us

King of Kings

Lord of Lords

He’s the great and mighty “I Am”

Each one of us

Will be judged by that One

Who’s decisions are righteous and just

Who comes so that none should perish

But that eternal life may be won

He died for our sins

Each one of us

Just accept Him as Lord and Savior

But most of all

Be doers of the Word

And His face shall shine upon you

When it’s your time to come

What you’ve said and have done

it’s the love we have with the Lord

That He will say with a smile

Well done thou good and faithful servant

Each one of us



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