Relevancy has everything to do with meaningfulness and applicability. Something is perceived as irrelevant only if it is perceived as lacking meaning or applicability to a persons life. Even if it is the MOST relevant information, if it is not applied in such a way so that it is actually meaningful, then it will be considered irrelevant. Things that are completely irrelevant, are sometimes perceived as relevant because they have an appearance of meaningfulness.

Relevance is all about meaningfulness and applicability. It asks the question, what does this information mean in my life? How does this information apply to my life? Questions like these determine the relevancy of the information, media, entertainment, etc that we are otherwise engaged with.

In the context of a church, relevancy has absolutely nothing to do with environments. It has nothing to do with flashy lights, graphics, temperature of the room, videos, music, etc. (even though I enjoy and do those things) As a church planter, I certainly think environments are important, but not the most important thing. You could go to the coldest, dirtiest places in the world and still find people worshiping the Lord in spirit and truth. Why? Because the object of their worship has incredible meaning to life. You will find these same people incredibly engaged in the scriptures. Why? Because the scriptures have incredible meaning and applicability to life. The only ones that see the scriptures as irrelevant, are those who either fail to see the meaningfulness of them, or have leaders that fail to demonstrate their meaningfulness in such a way that they become relevant.

The scriptures don’t simply have an illusion of meaning, but rather have actual meaning in life. When considered as a whole, even if you are an unbeliever, the scriptures have been around the block awhile. They contain some of the most inspiring, challenging and enlightening information about life. In his book “Avoiding Jesus” Michael Green puts it this way:

“You must at least recognize that it is the most significant book in the world, has done more than any other book to change the world for good, remains the world’s bests seller, and was composed over a period of some 1500 years. So it may be worth listening to. It may well embody perspective and wisdom, for it comprises a very broad spectrum of human history and experience.”

So as a pastor, as a leader, as a follower of Jesus, it is my responsibility to make the message of Christ, the scriptures, and the knowledge of God as relevant as possible in a world who hungrily seeks meaning in life. Who is looking for answers. Who is looking for something that is true. Jesus was a master at this. May we follow in his footsteps, demonstrating the meaningfulness, applicability, the relevance, of the most relevant message in the world.