I usually like things the way that they are. I’m not a fan of change, as many people are not either. Perhaps it’s not so much ‘change’ I dislike, because often I need to rearrange the furniture in the house because…well, just because! More particularly I am not a fan of trying new things that are untested. For example, when I find something I like, I stick with it and rarely will venture out to try something new.

Going to Sonic? Footlong chili-cheese hotdog, cheese french fries, medium grape slush. (My wife knows what to order if she goes there without even asking.) Go to Bahama Bucks? Baby-grape with creme. Texas Roadhouse? 12oz prime rib, baked potato (everything on it), house salad – extra ranch. You get the idea.

My family and I went to Bahama Bucks a week ago and I thought I would be ‘adventurous!” So instead of grape, I got strawberry daiquiri with creme. I think my dad would be disappointed at my use of the word ‘adventurous.’ I took one bite, and immediately started asking if either of my kids (who both got grape) would like to trade. My son bit on the offer first, but perhaps is a bit like me and wanted to switch back for grape. My daughter, who is more like her mother, took up the offer to try something new and had red lips the rest of the evening because of it.

I just text my wife because she got strawberry cream cheese for the bagels instead of regular cream cheese. I thought, “Okay, I’ll give it a try.” Well…I have half a bagel sitting on a plate in front of me right now as I type this because, you guessed it, I didn’t like this ‘new thing’ that entered my home. I text her and asked about it and she said, “I liked it!” I couldn’t help but laugh and take a moment to be grateful for a wife who is always pushing me to try new things.

The point is this: If we only fixate on what we prefer, then we can miss out on what is better.

I don’t think that God is a stagnate being. Throughout the Bible God is continually revealing new things about Himself, culminating in the person of Jesus Christ. Theologians call this ‘progressive revelation.” But if you are like me, and you are hesitant to try new things, then when God starts to do something new in your life, when He wants to ‘progress you’, you will often be hesitant and even downright resistant to what He is trying to do. That is when growth begins to slow, we become frustrated, and we feel left behind.

I came across a quote the other day while reading Steve Gladden’s book Small Groups with Purpose. He writes, “We would have missed the wave God wanted us to surf.” And the thought hit me, Don’t miss out on the wave God wants you to surf just because you aren’t ready for it.

So maybe God is pushing you to step out and try something new. Sure, it probably won’t be a different flavor snow cone. But whatever it is, step out, trust Him as He encourages you to try, and maybe it’ll be the best wave of your life!