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We’ve reached that time of year when Facebook and Instagram are lit up with pictures of kids heading back to school. I always enjoyed the first day of school. New clothes. New shoes. New Trapper Keeper. Seeing your friends after a long summer away. But I also enjoyed school because I’m one of those weird people who actually liked school! 

And maybe you’re not one who liked school, but you like to learn.  Because the new clothes and shoes will wear out pretty quickly and soon kids will be asking, “Why do I need to go to school? I don’t wanna go!” As a parent, what will your answer be? If I may offer a suggestion to you that we share with our kids. Let me begin it with a passage from the Bible:

“…in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” – Colossians 2:2-3

Why do we tell our kids they need to go to school? It’s not so they can get an education so they can get a good job. It’s not so they can get into a good college. It’s not so they can get lots of money one day. It’s not so they can be well respected. Because none of those goals are not the most important thing. You can have a great job, a wonderful college degree, respect from peers and more – but ultimately they don’t provide meaning to life. So why do we tell our kids they need to go to school? 

One reason: To learn and be smart like Jesus.

You see, the more our children grow in knowledge, really, it’s helping them become more like Christ. “In HIM are ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” I want my children to study, I want them to excel, I want them to read, I want them to do their best in school, I want them to be challenged to grow. Why? Not so that they can get a good job one day. But because I know it will help them be more like Jesus. Plain and simple.

So when the time comes in the next few days or weeks when your kids ask, “Why do I need to go to school?” I hope you’ll have a better answer then saying, “Because you need a good job so you can make money.” I hope you’ll provide them with the greatest of reminders, “Son/Daughter, you go to school, so that you can learn, so you can be smart like Jesus.”

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